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30 Day Training Project Phoenix

Increase your EQ with this digital self-coaching Emotional Intelligence Training. 

The exercises are tailored to guarantee the best results possible.

You will receive one exercise per day for 30 days and your emotional intelligence guide. 

Default State of Brain

Project Phoenix is the first and only training that does NOT end after the initial EQ training. 

After the 30-day training we will work on the default state of your brain. 

Brainwave entrainment Project Phoenix

Simulates brainwave patterns, incorporates over 100 years of brainwave research. Supports growth, relaxation, and more clarity and helps you reach your goal. 
6 Sessions specifically designed to increase your EQ, over 4 hours of high quality brain entrainment. 

Mindfulness Project Phoenix

Mindfulness and decluttering. This eBook helps you to simplify and de-stress your life. 

Only in the "Full Version"

1 * Personal Coaching session with Aurorasa Sima; 

Recommended if you have already 20 Coaching books/programs in your shelf that did not help you transform or you know that you have a lot of brain scars to work on. 

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