Gain control over your mind

No matter who you are or how confident and successful you may be, everybody has suffered setbacks and failure.

It's part of the human experience, and it changes your brain. Trouble is, that these past experiences HURT You!  

In the free training, I will share techniques that will allow you to rise like Phoenix from the Ashes. 

  • Overcome fear of failure and fear of success that keep you from trying - allows you to pursue your TRUE dreams, goals and desires
  • Raise your Emotional Quotient - allows you to form and tend better relationships and stop subconsciously sabotaging your efforts by reacting to the past and your fears
  • Claim back control over your mind - enables you to make conscious decisions and plan your actions (as opposed to reactions)

No matter how deep the scars are - you will receive the tools to fix them. 



Free Emotional Intelligence Training!

Your host: 

Aurorasa Sima, Empowermentalist & Coach

Aurorasa Sima Project Phoenix

Saturday, 2 pm CDT

12:00 PM PDT (California)

  1:00 PM MDT (Denver)

  3:00 PM EDT (New York)

20.00 PM MEZ (Frankfurt, Germany)

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